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  Elizabeth Bowie

-Writer/Producer {tinned}

"Angus is one of the most dedicated creatives I have had the pleasure of working with. His drive, dynamism, knowledge and vision have been at the centre of many successful collaborations to date, and I hope, many more in the future."


Joe Russo

- Emmy Award winning director {Avengers:Endgame}

"'Tinned' displays great originality and wit, painted with a deft absurdist tone. The film successfully blends genres - comedy and horror - while expertly creating suspense through editorial. It has a strong grasp on narrative, and ultimately succeeds because it's funny."

Felix Christie

-Felix and the sunsets

    "Working with Angus is always a pleasure. He is professional, friendly and super talented. Can't recommend him enough"


Freelance Photographer | Goose Media